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Tall Ships ChallengeCUAUHTEMOC

Also known as the "Ambassador and Gentleman of The Seas," the Cuauhtemoc has logged over 400,000 miles and participated in numerous important regattas and maritime events around the globe.

Operated as a training vessel by the Mexican Navy, she was built in 1982 in Spain. With a typical crew of 255 sailors and officers, Cuauhtemoc is a sister ship of the Guayas which appeared at the 2002 Los Angeles Festival of Sail (see photos of Guayas' Los Angeles visit HERE).

Length: 297 feet
Class: A
Type: Barque
Home port: Acapulco, Mexico
Draft: 17'8"
Tonnage: 1,800
Rig Height: 168 feet
Web Site:

Tall Ships ChallengeKAISEI

The Kaisei is currently operated by the Ocean Voyages Institute of Sausalito, California. She's traveled more than 40,000 miles since her construction in 1991 as a sail training brigantine for the Sail Training Association of Japan.

Sparred Length: 151 feet
Class: A
Type: Brigantine
Draft: 12 feet
Tonnage: 180
Rig Height:
Web Site: www.oceanvoyages.com/kaisei

Tall Ships ChallengeTOLE MOUR

Frequently spotted in southern California waters, the Tole Mour is the largest working tall ship based on the West Coast. She's operated by the Catalina Island Marine Institute (CIMA) as a sail training vessel, teaching marine science and oceanography to students in grades 4 -12.

Sparred Length: 156 feet
Class: A
Type: Square topsail schooner
Draft: 13 feet
Tonnage: 229
Rig Height: 110 feet
Web Site: www.tolemour.org

Tall Ships ChallengeR. TUCKER THOMPSON

Based in New Zealand's Bay of Islands, R. Tucker Thompson holds the distinction of traveling the farthest to attend the TallShips LA! event.

Sparred Length: 85 feet
Class: B
Type: Gaff-rigged, square topsail schooner
Draft: 8' 6"
Tonnage: 60
Rig Height:
Web Site: www.tucker.co.nz

Tall Ships ChallengeEXY JOHNSON

The Official Tall Ship of the City of Los Angeles, Exy Johnson is operated as a sail training vessel by the Los Angeles Maritime Institute (LAMI). Identical to her "twin brigantine" Irving Johnson, both vessels were built in San Pedro and entered service in 2003.

Named in honor of sail training pioneers Irving and Exy Johnson, the twin brigantines join Swift of Ipswich as part of the LAMI TopSail fleet.
(Sail aboard Exy Johnson! Purchase Tickets HERE)

Sparred Length: 110 feet
Class: B
Type: Brigantine
Draft: 8 feet
Tonnage: 128
Rig Height: 86 feet
Web Sites: www.LAMITopSail.org

Tall Ships ChallengeCALIFORNIAN

Built 1984 at Spanish Landing in San Diego Bay, the Californian has has an international following as the "official tall ship of the State of California." She is the only ship to ever carry such a prestigious title in this state.

The ship has played host to thousands of school children on seagoing educational programs up and down the West Coast, and made educational voyages to Hawaii and Mexico.

Californian is a replica of the 1847 Revenue Cutter, the C.W. Lawrence, a stately vessel that patrolled the coast of California keeping law and order. The Revenue Service was a precursor to today's Coast Guard.

Sparred Length: 145 feet
Class: B
Tonnage: 130
Rig Height:
Web Site: www.sdmaritime.com

Spirit of Dana PointSPIRIT OF DANA POINT

The Spirit of Dana Point is a traditionally built, accurate replica of a 1770's privateer used during the American Revolution. These ships were known for their speed and were used for smuggling and the slave trade. The ship is 118 feet long with a rig height of 100 feet and 5,000 square feet of sail.

The Spirit of Dana Point is an excellent platform for our youth to directly experience life at sea as it has been for hundreds of years, and sails with educational programs for over 150 days a year. If the vessel looks familiar, you've likely seen her in numerous movies, documentaries, commercials and catalogs.
(Sail aboard Spirit of Dana Point! Purchase Tickets HERE)

Sparred Length: 118 feet
Class: B
Type: replica, Baltimore Clipper schooner
Draft: 9' 6"
Tonnage: 64
Rig Height: 100 feet
Web Site: www.ocean-institute.org


(August 14th only) Owned by the Sea Education Association (SEA), the vessel was designed by Laurent Giles and built at JM Martinac shipbuilding in Tacoma, Washington. She is a 134-foot steel brigantine and is the most sophisticated oceanographic research/sailing school vessel ever built in the United States.

Improvements in design and equipment, including a wet/dry laboratory and larger library, classroom, and computer laboratory, greatly enhance the ship's academic program.

Sparred Length: 134
Class: A
Type: Brigantine
Draft: 12' 3"
Tonnage: 300
Rig Height: 110 feet
Web Site: www.sea.edu

Tall Ships ChallengeBILL OF RIGHTS

Leased and operated by Grays Harbor Historical Seaport Authority of Aberdeen, Washington, Bill of Rights is owned by LAMI and was a former TopSail program vessel.

Designed by McCurdy, Rhodes & Bates and built in 1971 by Harvey F. Gamage, Bill of Rights has sailed extensively on the East Coast of North America and the Caribbean serving at-risk youth.
(Sail aboard Bill of Rights! Purchase Tickets HERE)

Sparred Length: 136 feet
Class: B
Type: Gaff topsail schooner
Draft: 10 feet
Tonnage: 117
Rig Height: 100 feet
Web Site: www.lamitopsail.org

Swift of IpswichSWIFT OF IPSWICH

Serving as actor James Cagney's private yacht for a number of years, the Swift of Ipswich was built in 1938 as a replica of a 1787 schooner. A fast boat, the Swift has served southern California youth since joining the LAMI fleet in 1991. Plans for funding the restoration of this classic vessel are now moving ahead.

Sparred Length: 86 feet
Class: B
Type: Schooner
Draft: 9 feet
Tonnage: 46
Rig Height: 74 feet
Web Site: www.lamitopsail.org

Tall Ships ChallengeLYNX

Lynx is an interpretation of an actual privateer named Lynx built by Thomas Kemp in 1812 in Fell's Point, Maryland. She was among the first ships to defend American freedom by evading the British naval fleet then blockading American ports and serving in the important privateering efforts.

While Lynx has honored the spirit of the original vessel in her design and accouterments, her planning, design and construction have added a healthy infusion of modern technology to help insure safe passage.

Launched on July 28, 2001 in Rockport, Maine, past and present converge in this example of America's maritime heritage.
(Sail aboard Lynx! Purchase Tickets HERE)

Sparred Length: 122 feet
Class: B
Type: Square topsail schooner
Draft: 8' 6"
Tonnage: 97
Rig Height: 94 feet
Web Site: www.privateerlynx.com

Tall Ships ChallengePILGRIM

This year marks the Pilgrim’s 60th birthday. The ship is a full size replica of the hide brig immortalized by Richard Henry Dana, Jr. in his American classic seafaring novel "Two Years Before the Mast."

Flying fourteen sails, including eight square sails, the Pilgrim maintains a distinctively majestic appearance. Coming to Dana Point in 1981, the vessel serves the Ocean Institute as a powerful educational tool. Thousands of children step aboard the Pilgrim’s decks each school year to participate in one of her many award-winning living history programs.

Sparred Length: 130 feet
Tonnage: 64
Rig Height: 98 feet
Web Site: www.ocean-institute.org


Operated by the Orange County Council Sea Base, the Argus has served Scouting since 1972. The Argus was built in Marstal, Denmark in 1905 and hauled lumber and cement around the Baltic for many years. Early records are vague, but it's believed she also hauled grain or other goods to Greenland, salt fish down to Spain, and spices back up north from Spain.

Originally she had no engine until the first one was installed around 1917. Most of her life she was crewed by a family of two or three people with maybe an extra deck hand. In earlier days young men of approximately fourteen years, would apprentice on board and learn the ways of the sea. In 1969 she was re-rigged to her present configuration.

Sparred Length:
Class: B
Type: Ketch
Rig Height:
Web Site: www.seabase.org

Tall Ships ChallengeTALOFA

Talofa is a one-of-a-kind and entirely original schooner built in San Francisco in 1928. She has been completely restored and will be available for viewing at the TallShips LA! maritime festival.
(Sail aboard Talofa! Purchase Tickets HERE)

Length: 97 feet
Class: B
Type: Marconi-rigged, staysail schooner
Draft: 9 feet
Tonnage: 115
Rig Height: 68 feet
Web Site: www.talofatallship.com


Originally from Canada, the Royaliste is a 71' gaff-rigged, square-tops'l ketch refit to specifications of an 18th-century dispatch gunboat/bomb ketch.

This vessel has a rich and diverse history, and during her long career, she has flown the colors of 3 nations: France, during the French Indian War, Britain, at the start of the Revolutionary War and the United States, during the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. Now under new ownership, the Royaliste is currently patrolling the waters of San Francisco Bay operated by Privateer!, a non-profit sail training organization.

Sparred Length: 71 feet
Class: B
Type: Gaff-rigged, square topsail ketch
Rig Height:
Web Site: www.theroyaliste.com


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